NFL Playoffs 2018

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NFL Playoffs 2018 Live Stream

Titans vs. Chiefs: 4:35 p.m. on ESPN
Falcons vs. Rams: 8:15 p.m. on NBC

NFL Playoffs 2018 Live

The 2018 NFL Playoffs are here. The 2017 NFL season blitzed past us faster than anyone could imagine and it really hasn’t settled in just how shocking this particular playoff field is.

There’s a number of good quarterbacks playing over the next few weeks, but only a couple playing this weekend. Only two teams with a top-three seed in either conferences made the playoffs last year, and only four playoff teams — the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs and Falcons — were also in the playoffs last year. All but one of the NFC teams fighting for the Super Bowl weren’t even in the postseason last year.

The Saints have beaten the Panthers twice this season, and when both teams were tied at 11-5 to end the year, those two wins meant that the Saints were the ones crowned division champs. As a result, when these two teams square off for a third time this season on Sunday, it’ll happen in New Orleans, the site of a 31-21 Saints win over the Panthers on Dec. 3.

he Titans’ biggest strength — running the ball — lines up well against the Chiefs biggest weakness — stopping the run. That’s a red flag for a team favored as much as the Chiefs. But I can’t stop thinking about the 2016 wild-card game where the Chiefs punched the Texans in the mouth early and never stopped punching until it was 30-0. A few months later the Texans were signing Brock Osweiler. The Chiefs rank as a top-10 team in yards and points per drive, and the Titans aren’t good at stopping teams from dinking-and-dunking down the field. It’s easy to see slow, methodical drives from Alex Smith followed by shot plays to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, an early turnover from the Titans offense and a Chiefs 14-0 lead before half. The Titans aren’t built to come back.

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